Headstage Adapters

Our microdrives all use 34 pin Omnetics connectors (32 channels plus two reference channels).  Both reference channels are connected to a small female pin on the PCB.  This pin is grounded to the animal through the titanium chambers but a separate ground connection must be established if a plastic chamber is used.  Please view our schematics for more detail:

SC32 schematic

SC96 schematic

We provide headstage adapters for Tucker Davis Technologies (TDT for GMR 32/96 channel systems or TDT for GMR LS Systems), Neuralynx and Multi Channel Systems.

Blackrock provides an adapter for their headstages.

Intan, Open Ephys, Plexon, RippleTBSI, and Bio-Signal Technologies all use a 36 pin Omnetics input connector on their headstages.  Those headstages can be plugged directly into our microdrives and do not require an adapter.

On larger channel count microdrives, it may be useful to permanently connect a jumper to each connector.  This gives more mounting options for the headstages and mitigates risk from repeatedly unplugging the connector from the microdrive PCB.