Microdrive Systems

Gray Matter Research microdrives are modular, replaceable micromanipulator systems capable of independent bidirectional control of up to 220 individual microelectrodes. The systems are designed to be semi-chronically implanted within a GMR recording chamber. Electrode positions are manually controlled by miniature screw-driven actuators. Electrical contact with the electrodes is achieved through a printed circuit board, which avoids the use of wires. The system can be implanted for months at a time to permit long-term recordings of neuronal activity with minimal daily setup time.

 A diagram of available microdrive footprints can be seen here.

Additional specifications:

  • Travel length options: 16, 32, or  42mm
  • Interelectrode spacing: 0.8mm-1.5mm
  • 30µm travel resolution
  • Electrodes: any manufacturer or material with wire shank <250µm
  • Microdrives are fully assembled and sterilized before shipping and ready for implantation upon delivery.
Footprint (# channels)*Microdrive Pricing
16mm version

*Pricing is listed for the 16mm system only. The individual microdrive pages list pricing for other travel lengths. Electrode costs are not included and need to be ordered separately prior to the loading phase.

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