Head Holders

We offer three different configurations of head holders.  The head holders are made from biocompatible titanium and are designed to be bent to the shape of the skull.  The head holders are held in place with bone screws and do not require bone cement.

Head holders are sold separately or as a complete systems.  The complete system also includes the bone screws, connecting rod, bending bars, protective cap and associated screws and drivers.

Each head holder’s leg configuration can be modified by completely or partially removing legs.  This is a relatively easy procedure done with a Dremel tool.  Please contact us for additional information.

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DAHP-1Double Asymmetric$650
DAHP-2Double Asymmetric$650
BN-1Double Asymmetric + Square Head$650

In addition to the titanium headholders, we now offer a legless, MRI compatible PEEK head holder:

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
PEEKMRI compatible PEEK $350