Head Holders

We offer several different types of headholders:

The simplest method is a legless MRI compatible PEEK headpost. These headposts are usually anchored with bone cement via a set of ceramic bone screws.

Next is the one piece titanium headpost with bendable legs.  These head holders are held in place with bone screws and do not require bone cement.  The legs are usually bent to a plastic skull model before surgery.

We also offer a two piece titanium headholder.  The baseplate is held in place with bonescrews and implanted subcutaneously.  The post is added after the plate has osseointegrated with the skull.  This method is reported here.  New or existing baseplate designs with bendable legs are possible or form-fitting baseplates can be designed.

And finally, a Halo System is available.  This method normally involves three small posts to distribute the forces and create a very rigid system.

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