Recording Chamber Systems

Our chamber systems are classified into two types (Tangential and Form Fitting) and are available in three materials (Titanium, PEEK, or Ultem).

The Tangential chambers are designed to fit within a craniotomy and include a replaceable silicone membrane that provides a water tight seal above the brain.

The Form Fitting chambers are custom designed based on MRI data to achieve a precise fit and adequately sample a specific brain region.  The chamber sits on top of the skull and is mounted with bone cement.  In addition, a form fitting plug is designed to contour to the inside surface of the skull and is the same shape as the bottom surface of the microdrive.

All of our standard chambers are designed to securely hold a specific microdrive. The titanium chambers are more durable and offer a distributed ground, whereas the PEEK and Ultem chambers are MRI transparent. Chambers can be purchased individually, or as a system which includes multiple plugs, caps, and gaskets. Below is a table listing our standard sizes. We also routinely design custom chambers and please contact us to get started. 

Chamber TypeMating Microdrive SizePrice (chamber only)Price (full system)
Tangential32 channel$600$900
Form Fitting (small)32 and 96 channel$1600$2100
Form Fitting (large)124, 128, 128FL, 157, 220 channel$3000$3500

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