Microdrive Systems

Gray Matter Research microdrives are modular, replaceable micromanipulator systems capable of independent bidirectional control of 32, 96, or a larger number of microelectrodes. The systems are designed to be semi-chronically implanted within a GMR recording chamber. Electrode positions are controlled by miniature screw-driven actuators. Electrical contact with the electrodes is achieved through a printed circuit board, allowing wire-free connectivity. When assembled, the system can be implanted for months at a time to permit long-term recordings of neuronal activity. Our microdrives vary by the number of channels and total travel.  A diagram of available sizes can be seen here.

Part Number Number of Channels Travel (mm) Inter-Electrode Spacing (mm) Base Diameter (mm) Chamber Size Price
SC32-16 32 16 1.5 12.7 Small $6300
SC32-32 32 32 1.5 12.7 Small $6500
SC32-40 32 40 1.5 12.7 Small $7000
SC96-16 96 16 1.5 18.3 Large $9000
SC96-32 96 32 1.5 18.3 Large $9600
SC96-40 96 40 1.5 18.3 Large $10,500
Large Scale Custom Design Maximum 40 Minimum 1.5 Custom Shape Custom Variable
Variable Funnel Variable Maximum 40 Minimum 0.8 Variable Variable Variable

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